My journey to wanting to become a speaker started in the fall of 2016 when I attended my second Betty Anne Heggie Womentorship event as a protege.  Our speaker, Shari Graydon was at the alumni event to inspire us as women to speak up more often.  She spoke about the top reasons women should speak up and how, when asked to speak or provide an opinion, will often say ‘I’m not really the best person’.  That hit home because she was speaking about me…speaking was a thing I did when I needed to and only because my job required it.

Although my speaking ability had been sufficient for me to do my job, I realized after joining the John Maxwell Team in December 2016 and studying his leadership lessons that I needed to improve.  I needed to learn to connect with people from the stage and raise my effectiveness as a leader who could clearly articulate the destination I want to reach and communicate the vision of how to get there.

To do that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and grow as a speaker by doing. In the Fall of 2017 I submitted the topic “5 steps to Realizing your Dreams” shown below to the University of Saskatchewan’s speaker’s bureau. I volunteered to speak at the PMI North Saskatchewan Chapter’s January Luncheon.  I attended the Womentorship Alumni Event where Judith Humphrey spoke about her book: Taking the Stage, how women can speak up, stand out, and succeed.  I spent a lot of my December holiday in Mexico reading her book to mentally prepare for the January luncheon.

5 Steps to Realizing Your Dreams

We are all leaders – if not of others, at least of ourselves. As leaders, we have personal, professional, and/or organizational dreams, but pursuing them may be difficult. Turn dreams into achievable goals using five steps: visualize your destination, understand what it takes to get there, know who you need on the journey, recognize obstacles before they appear, and learn to adjust course as needed.

In the spring of 2018, Edwards Executive Education partnered with Charlene Sanjenko of powHERhouse to offer SPEAK! Canada. SPEAK! Canada is a national program designed to provide professional women with a proven process and platform, encouraging them to speak clearly, concisely and confidently to move as leaders with impact.

As you will see on the SPEAK! Canada program webpage, the value I received was EPIC!

SPEAK! Canada taught more than the fundamentals of speaking effectively. Charlene provided performance coaching that challenged me to align purpose and passion with a clear and concise message, delivered with confidence and conviction. For someone that said she would never be a dynamic speaker, the value I received was EPIC and is the start of a new love affair with speaking for impact.”  – Marianne Bell

As a cohort, we chose to deliver our 5 minute mini key note speeches in a public setting, the event room at LB Distillers in Saskatoon.  You can see the professional video I now have as a result of that program.

Am I a world class speaker?  Not yet, but I now look forward to speaking and sharing what I know and experience with others.  As a John Maxwell Team member, I will continue to learn from my speaking coach and mentor, Roddy Galbraith, and will continue to say Yes to as many future speaking opportunities I can.

My next speaking event will be at the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival workshops being held on October 20, 2018 at 1 p.m..  Check out my upcoming events page for more information!

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