Consulting & Advising (Strategy Execution)

Consulting & Advising (Strategy Execution)

Marianne Bell is a versatile, organized and self-motivated program / project management and business analysis professional with a passion for solving problems as well as more than fifteen years of experience planning, executing and supporting strategic information management solutions that transform and improve the value delivered to both internal and external customers.

She provides clients with superior quality of service, is able to look at the big picture while not losing sight of the detail, and has a demonstrated understanding of business, end user and technology development needs within the product or service lifecycle.  In addition, she is a hands-on leader who motivates, trains, and provides guidance to multi-disciplinary teams to ensure consistent results that align with defined corporate goals and objectives.

As a consultant and mentor passionate about executing strategy, I want to share my knowledge and experience to equip your team with what they need to successfully reach the destination envisioned by the organization.  The services I provide include:

  • Facilitating the process of solving strategic problems or moving a high level idea from a dream to reality using the stage of the Creative Problem Solving process that best fits the outcome you want to achieve:
    • Clarify goals
    • Identify challenges
    • Explore ideas
    • Formulate solutions
    • Explore acceptance of solution
    • Formulate plans
  • Conducting a needs assessment to support a business case
  • Designing & developing processes and procedures that fit your business needs and support:
    • execution of strategy
    • management of programs
    • management of projects
    • operational excellence
  • Facilitating program and/or project planning
  • Developing custom training programs based on your project management framework / methodology
  • Implementing a proven Strategy Execution Framework to support oversight of program quality and outcomes as well as project delivery.


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