Have you ever felt you should be further ahead than you are?

I have and if I could tell my 18 year old self one thing it would be to master self-leadership early in life. 

Mastering self-leadership helps influence oneself to achieve desired objectives and ensures one is steering his/her own ship and is prepared for opportunities when they appear.

Achieving the outcome you want in life doesn’t have to be this hard but it is a journey that one needs to learn to navigate. When I made a decision to accept responsibility for my own journey 10 years ago, I prioritized my personal growth and leadership development.  But that was not enough.  To accelerate my results I needed a formal structure that included coaching and mentoring to helped me attain the goals I had loosely set.

Now I want to share my knowledge, experience and help others transform how they prepare today for tomorrow’s success.  I am excited to say I am working on a plan to launch a personal development mastermind program for small business owners and managers who want to take their project leadership to the next level.  I will be using the funds from the launch to cover the costs of developing a similar program to provide no-cost coaching, training and mentorship for the next generation leader age 14-17.

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Read more about my story and the program design at this link:  https://mailchi.mp/a01bbdae06d9/navigate