About Marianne

About Marianne

I Value

Independence | Innovation | Equal Opportunity | Collaboration | Continuous Learning | Autonomy | Relationships | Trust | Transparency | Best Fit Process | Continuous Quality Improvement | Flexibility & Agility

\ˈsō-ˌjərnˈ\:  A temporary stay ‘They sojourned with Marianne to realize their dreams’


Marianne Bell, MBA, PMP
The Navigator’s Guide
Personal Growth | Leadership Development | Strategy Execution

I am Marianne, an independent, driven, curious and compassionate woman, wife to Steve and mom to Paige.  I am also a leader, advisor, mentor, and educator with a passion for learning, sharing my experiences with others and solving problems.

I believe everyone deserves to live a life they love and that dreams or visions are realized by achieving one goal at a time. It makes me sad when I see people giving up on their dreams or organizations that struggle to execute their strategy because one or more obstacles stand in their way. This fuels my passion for helping people and small to medium organizations tap into their potential.

As the guide by your side, I can help you:

  • overcome the obstacles that have previously stood in your way,
  • build belief in your potential, clarify your destination,
  • plan your route and
  • equip and/or connect you and your team with what you need to navigate a strategic and purposeful journey.
“Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course”  ~John C. Maxwell – The Law of Navigation

John Maxwell says everything worthwhile is uphill with three key ingredients:

  1. Your purpose gives you the reason to go up hill.

My purpose is to help people grow, develop the skills to chart their course and their ability to lead themselves and others from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

  1. Your passion is your fuel

I am passionate about helping others reach their potential, execute strategy and realize their dreams through coaching, training and advising.

  1. Your giftedness determines how high uphill you can climb

My strengths include generating ideas, envisioning the future, building relationships, learning, maximizing personal and group excellence by focusing on their strengths.

My gifts include staying curious by asking why things are done this way, challenging the status quo.  I solve poblems by digging to the root cause, looking for a solution that keeps the customer experience in mind.  I look at the positive side in every situation.  In addition to seeing the big picture, I can bring the finer details together into a holistic view of the situation.  I design processes and procedures that fit the context of the situation, using best practices from many different sources to develop solutions. I align project and operational work with strategy.  I have an authentic and facilitative leadership style that helps people generate ideas and options to help them move forward when stuck in a rut.

My professional experience includes more than fifteen years of diverse program/project management and business analysis experience executing strategy, solving problems, planning and executing projects, developing / improving business processes and leading / motivating teams.  I have also held positions on the PMI North Saskatchewan chapter board.  My specific experience can be seen on my LinkedIn profile.  Also check out my women we celebrate leader profile on powHERhouse